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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Prepping the Design House - Setting the Structure

We are continuing on our journey as we prepare our September Design House. We first showed you an empty Design House and selected three new paint colors.  Next, we shared our excitement over a new crate of hardwood furniture that just arrived.  In that same post, we showed you the not-so-pretty, but necessary, unpacking and inspection process.  Now, we'll show you the next step, starting to load in furniture.

We added the "bones" to each room this week.   We chose a few large pieces to anchor each room and determined the general flow of how we would like your eyes to move around the room.  All you'll find are empty cabinets; no artwork or accessories just yet.

On the porch we have a wonderful island that was just delivered.  It looks so serene just sitting there.  Inside the house, it's a little more difficult to walk around without walking in to a ladder or tripping over a tape measure.

Sketches are now coming to life as the lighting and furniture layers are added to each room.  You're able to tell the general purpose of each room right now.  The ladies will be hard at work this weekend and next week adding the next layer - art and accessories - to make each room really pop.

Our next post will feature the Design House rooms with everyone's favorite layer added - the accessories.  This is when each of the rooms really comes to life and reflects Suzanne and Amy's impeccable taste and interior design sensibilities.  Stay tuned!


The September Design House will be open Friday, September 2nd through Sunday, September 4th, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.  The Design House is an interior design showcase open on select dates, usually the first weekend of each month.  At the Design House, we bring together the greatest design talents from The Old Lucketts Store who completely remake an entire farmhouse for each event, from lighting to furniture, to paint, and accessories.  For a more detailed description of the Design House, please visit this post.


  1. Love this!!! Thanks for sharing your step by step prep for Design House weekend :)


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