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Friday, August 12, 2011

Five reasons why we love our furniture and our jobs

Lots of great items dropped Fresh Off the Wagon this week, ready for all of your back to school shopping.  Yes, you can find dressers and other pieces made from actual wood instead of particle board for anyone who needs furniture to withstand dorm use :)

Here are a few other great reasons to buy second hand furniture at The Old Lucketts Store instead of retail stores and why we love our jobs and furniture so much this week (and every week):

Reason #1 - Up-cycling.  Taking something that is past its design prime, repairing it, and making it back into something beautiful is SOOOO fulfilling.  (Dresser is $285 from MSI).
Reason #2 - Quality.  They don't make things like they used to (ain't that the truth?).  You've seen it in the retail stores, a nice wood drawer front with construction inside so flimsy you fear your underwear could strain the 1/4" thick balsa-wood like drawer bottom.  Also, with a lot of the imports coming in, we're seeing pieces made with green wood or poorer quality woods; they just aren't built to last.  (Lovely 72" wide sideboard or dresser with fun carved details is $695 from LIS). 
Reason #3 - Value.  Would you rather have a remade hardwood dresser for a few hundred dollars or spend 3 times that for an import made from veneer and particle board?  Real wood furniture is scarce today because there isn't a lot out there and it is very expensive if you can get it.  Inch for inch, the older pieces have the best value. (Mahogany dresser with marble top is $585 from AFS). 

Reason #4 - Construction.  There is a reason pieces have survived 40, 60 or 100+ years.  It's because they were made with care and great materials; not cranked out as quickly and cheaply as possible.  (Handmade pre-Civil War bed with wood pins is $238 from RMB).

Reason #5 - The thrill of the hunt.  When you're scouring the countryside you never know what you're going to find.  It's the lure of those unusual pieces that keeps us going. And as a bonus, we get to imagine all the way home what we're going to do with the piece to bring it back to life. (Farm table is $289 from HAR).


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed visiting Lucketts last weekend. Who is the wholesale supplier for the industrial carts/sideboards? I live in Michigan. Would like to know if there is anyone around here who carries that line.

  2. Georgia - could you email the shop (luckettstore@gmail.com) with your contact information and we'll try to see if Amy or Suzanne have that information? If you can provide any other info. (which Design House month you saw it in, which room) that would be helpful. There are multiple sources and the item could have been pulled from The Old Lucketts Store or purchased a while back; just let us know and we'll try to help.

  3. NoSugarExtraCream from FacebookSunday, August 21, 2011

    I'm been preaching that for years... my kids have finally reached the age where they "get it". Yay!!

  4. Ohhh~ Vintage! It makes you wanna place 'em in a house with hardwood floors. Wouldn't that be an awesome combo? It would be great if you can add some of 'em vintage fixtures, too. Awesome set, by the way!

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