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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What the... What? (#5)

We have a special phrase around the store when we find things in our travels that are particularly unusual, odd, confusing, or sometimes hideous.  When we come across one of these items, we like to use one of our favorite Lucketts-isms, "What the... What?"  Here is one of those items from the store.

See if you can guess what this is and leave us a comment if you think you know!  We'll reveal the item's true identity and purpose later this week.  

Can you identify this item from The Old Lucketts Store and tell us how it was once used? 

What the... What?

Leave a comment if you know!


  1. I don't know , but I'm thinking toothpick holder .

  2. I agree with Sharon. I think its a toothpick dispensers.

  3. do you accept things we have and don't know what they are? I can send you picture and see if you know what it is! Thanks!


  4. Yep! It's a toothpick dispenser. Used in diners & 5&Dimes's/Woolsworth many years ago :)

  5. date/month/year for a business desk. Esther from fleur cottage

  6. Yes, a date, month, year calendar. My mom used to have one - I hope she still has it!

  7. I think its a toothpick dispenser! My other guess was a pencil sharpener, but that doesn't seem as practical :)

  8. I think it holds a roll of paper that the salesperson would write on...

  9. Andi - Sure, you can send your picture of the mystery item to luckettstore@gmail.com (attn: Blog) and we can try to figure it out. Sounds like fun!


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