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Monday, August 15, 2011

Postcards from Berlin

One of our dealers, Ann, is on vacation in Germany this month visiting family.  The trip is a welcome way to recharge and a great chance to scour some wonderful German flea markets.  Here is an update on how Ann is doing.


Hallo from Berlin!  

I can hardly believe we have been in Berlin for nearly two weeks!  My days have been very full with family and friends and enjoying this city that I love.  Berlin ist wundebar!  First of all, it is nearly 30 degrees cooler here than it was in Lucketts when we left...sweater weather.  I feel rehydrated again!  It has been a very rainy spring and summer here and everything is very green and blooming.

I have been very busy as well collecting loads of great things for my space.  The day after we arrived, still jet lagged and groggy from the long flight, I visited Barbel, one of my flea market friends, in her apartment.  She had a whole stack of linens for me that she had been saving.  I've made friends with several dealers over the years who set aside things they know I will love. 

Here is Barbel.  I love buying from her.  She is very knowledgeable about the things she sells and I learn a lot about their history and origins. 
Here is an example of Plauen Spitze lace.  Plauen Spitze is lace from a town in Vogtland where it was first manufactured in the 1880's so although it is machine made it can be very old.  Barbel had saved a Plauen Spitze tablecloth for me that is really lovely.  Also in my Barbel stack are heavy linen nightgowns (even in Lucketts there will be cool nights again!), gorgeous pillow shams, and antique lace.

On Saturday, I went to the Flohmarkt at Fehrbelliner Platz.  I have several friends among the regulars there and I am always glad to see them.  I had written letting them know when I would be back in town and so several people had come with heaps of stuff for me.  I had so much that first Saturday that I had to call my daughter-in-law to help with carrying the bags home.  Loads of bed and table linens, beautiful old lace, white petticoats, pantaloons, camisoles and nightgowns from the late 19th and early 20th century, jewelry, evening bags, silk scarves from Italy and France, and three fabulous hats from the 1930's.  I will have lots for restocking when I get back to the States and back to Lucketts!  Next up are 4 flea markets on the outskirts of Berlin, stay tuned!


(Note:  Ann's vintage linen and clothing business is called Wild Thyme.  She is located on the third floor of The Old Lucketts Store, dealer code RAM.  You may remember an earlier post where we featured a collection of hats she purchased at an estate sale.  Ann and her new German finds will be back in September.) 

***UPDATE:  Here is the link to Wild Thyme on Facebook.  Be sure to like this page for new info. on what Ann is bringing in to her space at The Old Lucketts Store.***

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