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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Design Dilemma - Accessorizing an Office

We'll be trying to answer some Design Dilemma questions we receive all the time.  Here's a common one: "Dear Lucketts Store:  I'm converting a spare bedroom in to a combination office / library space.  I need help making the space feel cozy and lived-in.  I also need some accessories to help fill the wall of bookshelves we hope to have one day.  Any ideas?  Sincerely,  Well Read but Still Clueless"

Answer:  Dear Well Read,  I'm thinking that adding an antique statement piece - a great one of a kind bookcase or antique desk - can instantly make the space feel cozy.  You probably already have lots of accessories around the house that you can pull into that room (pottery, glass jars, figurines, pictures), without buying a ton of new accessories.  Pick a few favorites, and then switch them out every few months so the room doesn't get stale.  Here are a few options from our Design Notebook. The pictures were taken at The Old Lucketts Store or our Design House and reflect items we try to find and buy up on our travels.  Good Luck!  Your Friends at The Old Lucketts Store.  

More importantly, what vintage accessories do YOU, our readers, think are must haves for an office or library?

If you have a question for us or a Design Dilemma that you'd like help solving, please write a comment to this post and we'll try to feature it in a future blog post.


  1. I think that it's inspirational to have some items related to the office user's vocation or interests, such as photography. These accessories could include a few old cameras, some great old photo albums and vintage lithographs, tin types or photos framed on the walls and standing on shelves or other furniture pieces. A great furniture statement piece is a must, such as an old sideboard for storage. You have to look outside of the box and use items for your purposes, not entirely for what they were intended to be used for. As you said, it's also ideal to have a comfy place to sit and think or read. If the interest is painting, an old easel with a great watercolor or oil painting (vintage of course) can fill in a blank corner quite well, while jars of old brushes and baskets of old art supplies make great colorful shelf fillers. Old Hollywood, the beach, gardening - lots of interests can be displayed in a space such as an office - the key is to keep it simple, not over-done or kitchy. Non-theme items can be related to others by color, shape or texture. Best thing to do? Go to Lucketts and Design House and look at everything! That's my favorite place to go for ideas, inspiration and fun! Hope that helps ~Leena~

  2. Might answer that...Check my studio out. http://tbgdesign.wordpress.com/2011/05/31/studios-magazine-fall-issue-2011/

  3. World traveler! Primitive mask collection. Globe. Sketches and paintings. A chair from France. A desk from China. A rug from India. A tapestry from Scotland. A chess set from Russia. Book shelves made from wine or fruit crates. Ah. To dream!


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