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About Me

I have always loved to sell stuff - I would set my stuff out during recess at my south Jersey Catholic school and sell my toys, my sisters toys and whatever else I thought my classmates might like. After I moved with my husband and 6 month old son from L.A. to Virginia, our empty little apartment led to my discovery of auctions. The empty apartment quickly filled with 50's dinette sets, box lots, and whatever else I thought was cheap and cool. After we bought an old farm in Lovettsville, VA, I became solidly addicted to auctions and having epic barn sales. I was thrilled at how happy I could make people and how much joy I got out of the process. Twenty one years later I get the same thrill of finding amazing cool things, working with people I love and making people happy.

I heard the harder you work, the luckier you get... I'm pretty sure I'm the luckiest person I know!



  1. Sooz,
    I love love your place. My family lives in Va, but I am out in California... Since you lived out here is there anything remotely close to your store out on this side?

  2. Hi Sooz! Love your store! I've been in there quite a few times :-)

  3. I found your website via another funky junker...Today, we found our way to Leesburg! We were probably the only people from Massachusetts in your store today....heading back north to the winter wonderland. Your store is amazing!! Loved it and probably only really saw about 20% of what's there. We will definitely be back!

  4. I adore your store {though I have yet to visit it in person!} You have such great style. Chic and beautiful.


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