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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Roaming Loudoun County

Roaming the Planet, a blog featuring day trips in the DC metro area, has featured us on their blog. Here is an excerpt from their blog, please be sure to go to Roaming Planet for their full writeup.

"Everyday the owners of Old Lucketts Store strive to bring you cool stuff at great prices, arranged in rooms that are fresh and full and ready to knock your socks off. But on the first weekend of every month, they take it way over the top with their Design House event.

Entry is made through a breezeway at the back of the property, where you’ll emerge in a courtyard that immediately tells you you’re in for a world of fun. Step up into the house where breakfast pastries by Peace of Cake often await, along with cups of steaming hot coffee.

When I walked in, I immediately bumped into owners Suzanne Eblen and Amy Whyte, the creators of this place where old meets new and everything is reinvented in the process. They’ve coordinated room after room down to the finest detail and you’re left with the feeling that it’s absolutely fabulous and you must have it all.

Eblen explains that their ultimate goal is to make living spaces that come together through passion, synergy and a huge dose of humor. The two have an interesting approach to designing their highly-thematic and subtly entertaining rooms: They concoct a detailed story for each one. A recent favorite was the evil stepsister room, with twin beds strewn akimbo and decorating touches that defied both conformity and peaceful coexistence.

The ultimate goal of Design House, in Eblin’s words, is to create a place where you can “Come in, have fun and be happy.” So when a customer recently admitted that she visited every month just to make herself feel good, Eblen was delighted. Mission accomplished!"

All photos in this post credit Paul Jean and Roaming the Planet blog.


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