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Sunday, August 7, 2011

What the... What? (#4) Revealed!

A big thank you to everyone who joined us for The Design House weekend event this past Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  We had a wonderful time and hope you all enjoyed the great atmosphere and great shopping!

We only received one response to our What the... What? #4 --- I hope that is a testament to my ability to find more unusual items to quiz you on :)

If you were wondering about the item we posted for our What the... What? #4, you'll be excited to find out that these are horse lawn mowing boots.  Didn't know those existed?  Well now you do!  I found these on a website out of the UK that specializes in antique gardening tools.
These were used by early horse or pony-drawn lawn mowers to protect the lawn from hoof prints - how well they did their job, I can only guess. They were first used in 1841.  This shoe was fixed to the pony hoof and the screw was tightened in the back.

This is another set that's circa 1900.  This is the more common type that were tightened with straps.

Just how will I use this new found knowledge, you ask?  I'm not really sure.  But it was fun finding this and sharing it with you.  Until next time...

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