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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just What is The Design House?

We're often asked what the Design House is, when it's open, and how it's different from The Old Lucketts Store.  Look no further, here are your answers!

Here's the difference:  The Old Lucketts Store is a widely celebrated multi-dealer antiques and vintage store at 42350 Lucketts Road in Leesburg, VA, in operation for 15+ years.  Think of the Design House is an interior design showcase, or "special event house."  At the Design House, we bring together the greatest design talents from The Old Lucketts Store who completely remake an entire farmhouse for each event, from lighting to furniture, to paint, and accessories.  

Each room in the Design House is fully decorated as it was intended; a bedroom is a bedroom, the living room is decorated as a living room.  Our fully decorated rooms give you great suggestions for how to incorporate new and vintage items in a home setting, and we give you new ideas for using antiques in your space that may surprise you.  And here's the best part...everything is for sale and you can take it home with you that day!

The Design House is open only on the dates listed in our special events calendar.  You can find these events and our special sales on the Events Calendar on our website.  The Design House is located on the same property as The Old Lucketts Store, at the other end of the parking lot past the barn breezeway.  We post sneak peek photos of the house regularly on our website.

It's always fresh and new at each monthly event so save-the-dates on your calendar and, as we like to say, "Grab your girlfriends, bring the trailer, and make a day of it!" 

Here are a few pictures of our past designs that incorporate furniture, lighting, mirrors, art, and accessories (for both you and your home).

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  1. Amazing ! What a lovely collection. I liked it. it looks like yo have great collection of jewelry as well. Looking forward for more interesting post from your side..

    1. Thanks so much for leaving us a comment!


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