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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The rooms they are a changin' - part 2

Earlier this week, I posted a little on Pete, who moved on down from the third floor to his new home, the lobby of the Old Lucketts Store.  To learn more about his industrial finds, click here.

When Pete moved, we had a vacant room upstairs, so Marian of Mustard Seed Interiors moved her items from her pavilion upstairs in the main building.  Marian specializes in refurbished and refinished furniture.  Her popular painting techniques give her pieces a worn Frenchy look.  Look for Marian (dealer code MSI) on the third floor of the shop.

Marian's pieces are a mix of her repainted furniture and reasonably priced antique finds, like antique gold mirrors shown here.
Marian's sweet smelling lavender fills this old pail.  A vintage wheel is perched nearby.
One of Marian's gorgeous custom painted furniture pieces.  You can follow Marian and learn painting and finishing techniques on her blog.
Marian discovers her vintage finds, like this antique scale and weights, at garage sales and markets throughout Pennsylvania.
So, with Marian's move, there was another vacancy, and our very own Kim took over Marian's pavilion outside.  Along with Suzanne, Amy, Lisa & Gina, Kim is responsible for the wonderful displays at our Design House.  Our next event is August 5, 6 & 7th, so mark your calendars!!!  For a complete list of shop events, click here

Kim's finds include vintage furniture, dishes, artwork, and ironstone containers.
Some old canning jars in a milky white and wooden slotted display cases from Kim (dealer code GH).
A great pair of vintage wooden French doors in Kim's pavilion and a green leather teacher's chair.
So, we are a little exhausted with all of the room-swapping earlier this month, but we have some really great people and items ready for you to discover.  Please visit the shop and look for the dealers featured in these posts - Pete (PJM), Marian (MSI), and Kim (GH), and don't forget about our August Design House on the 5, 6 & 7th.

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