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Saturday, July 23, 2011

What the... What? #2 revealed!

If you were wondering about the item we posted for our What the... What? #2, wait no longer, it's actually an antique garden tool.  We looked through tons of pictures online to help answer our own question. 

Here was the original closeup of our mystery item.
And here it is full scale.  At about 8 inches long, this antique garden fork was used to help cultivate weeds.  Now on to the controversy...  I couldn't find another example exactly like this.  Most hand cultivators have a fork-like head shape instead of lying flat like this one.  But there are flat ones out there.  All of the flat ones I did find had 4 or 5 tines, not 6, but the best we can tell, that's what it is.  When this was purchased, it was stored with a bunch of other antique hand gardening tools, so that is what we're going with.  Our friend Jeanie suggested it was a frog or eel catcher.  That gave us something to really think about.  All the frog and eel catchers I've seen look similar but had longer tines with barbs on them so they animal doesn't slide off.  Based on where it was stored when it was found we *think* it's a gardening tool.  If anyone has any pictures of an eel catcher without barbs and short tines, please let us know and we'll gladly change our vote!  What do YOU think?

Did you meet Pete?  If you haven't yet, read our post about his newest finds now displayed in the lobby of the Old Lucketts Store. 

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  1. Yes, it looks like a gardening tool to me. Thanks for the info. !!


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