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Monday, July 18, 2011

The rooms they are a changin'

July marked some changes around the shop.  We did some dealer reshuffling to fill in where our friend Ted used to have space on the first floor.

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to Pete who ventured down from the third floor (yes we have three floors in the shop!) to the first floor lobby.  When I think of Pete, a few words come to mind - industrial, utilitarian, and texture-texture-texture.  Pete's treasures have a decidedly masculine sensibility (think metal, burlap, woods, and canvas).  Around the shop, we like to say that Pete's finds are the most Anthropologie-like, but without the huge price tags. 

An antique brass bird cage, a large vintage crate & a gorgeous handmade light fixture made from wire and burlap.
Utilitarian made beautiful.  Many of Pete's items had past lives in industrial spaces, like these numbered wire baskets.

Looking for texture?  How about an antique French wine jug with a knotted rope covering, a terracotta architectural remnant with chippy paint, a stenciled wool pillow, or vines made into an abstract object?

If you're looking for something industrial with lots of texture, please visit Pete's spaces (dealer code PJM) on the first floor in the lobby and in his pavilion outside.  I will post pictures of the other two spaces that have been shuffled --- Marian, of Mustard Seed Interiors, back filled Pete's space on the third floor, and Kim, who used to share a space with Lisa, back filled Marian's space.  If you can keep all that straight, you're a better person than I am; it will be so much easier to explain in pictures later this week : )   ...okay, okay, back to more Pete...

These are items Pete has had in the last few months.  They are gone, but represent his aesthetic. (l-r) Wooden wine rack, antique mill stone, over-sized mirrors trimmed in tin remnants, delicate wire tree branches, canvas laundry bin, and metal industrial shelf with bins.


  1. Seeing pictures of de-faced books,taking the covers off of books for the "in style" ,is a crime!I have a great love of books,and could never rip the covers off!So sad to see many blogs,all following each other,like lemmings!Keep the books in one piece!

    1. Anon - If there already falling apart and headed for the trash, I can see rescuing and repurposing them. But mass book decovering like many of the big catalogs were doing last year makes you wonder. I also wonder how else those books could have been used and I pray they weren't vintage books they were using.


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