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Thursday, July 28, 2011

What the... What? (#3) Revealed!

If you were wondering about the item we posted for our What the... What? #3, the time has come.  The item pictured is actually one link of a rain chain.  

The original photo we posted.
And here is the item in action.  Rain chains are used as alternatives to downspouts.  They're decorative and functional, usually helping direct water in to a drain or storage container.  Although the ones we had were antiques from the US, they're quite common elsewhere, including Japan, where they're often found around temples.  Rain chains are making quite a resurgence across the US as we try to 'go green' and do what we can to conserve water for our gardens.

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  1. the store was so much fun to poke through. Thanks for the great day. Check out my post ! Jules

  2. what a fun rain chain. i have never heard of these. looking forward to the next "what the...what?" :)

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  4. Leslie - you're correct! Thanks for playing!

  5. Jules - I just posted on your blog. Thanks for stopping by the shop and thanks for devoting a post on your blog to your visit to the shop. See you again soon!


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