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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Who's Who.....Meet Lisa!

History buff, photographer, super-mom!   Meet our loveable Lisa!

Here is a little about Lisa and how she came to be a dealer at The Old Lucketts Store.
Lisa hand-painted this armoire

I wanted to be Secretary of State when I was little. I have NO idea why, except that Henry Kissinger was on the news a lot and I really liked peace. They say that the middle child is often a peace-maker.  I don’t know about that, but being sandwiched between a beautiful, perfect-cheerleader older sister and a gorgeous, hell-on-wheels younger sister left me to play the role of the middle sister – too thin, gawky, a nerdy bookworm who alphabetized her fiction and dewey-decimaled her non-fiction. I was always socially awkward and scatter-brained. Mom would say, “Girl, you’d lose your head if it wasn’t attached.” This is still true.

I didn’t grow up to be Secretary of State, but became an accountant instead. Math was my worst subject so this might not have been the best choice of careers, but it was the ‘80s…the era of “Dallas” and “Dynasty” and get rich, rich, rich. There was no talk of “follow your passion,” or “do what you’re good at” in the 80’s. So I got a job as a Regional Assistant Controller at a major international waste disposal company...every little girl’s dream. I was pretty good at it, I guess, despite my math-deficit. But my husband and I had a son by now, and I really wanted to be a stay at home mom so I finally figured out a way to make the budget work, and I quit. Then I had twin girls. Then I lost my mind.

Lisa's antique stained glass find
When the twins were in Kindergarten, I met my friend Jenny (a Lucketts dealer – The Fickle Flea) at the bus stop. We were both broke, and with 7 kids between the two of us, decided to start fixing up furniture that we found on the curb or the thrift store, and selling it at the flea market. We did that for a while, then graduated to getting our stuff at auction, and eventually found our way to Lucketts. I quickly realized that this place was different, and the people were different… but in a good way. These people would lose their heads if they weren’t attached, too, and that was ok.

My son graduated college this year and the twins will be graduating high school in June. They have grown up at Lucketts. It’s our family, too…our second home; my “happy place” when the jack-in-the-box surprises of life scared me too much…a place where I found friendship, fulfillment, and finally, a little peace.

***Lisa brings a lot of wonderful finds in to the shop, including great antique chairs, books and ephemera, upholstered pieces, and decorative pieces.  Antique pieces that don't keep their original finishes are all hand-painted by Lisa.  A wonderful photographer, Lisa has a great eye that she brings to her vignettes, and she always keeps her space fresh. Don't forget to visit Lisa's space on the first floor of the shop on the left side of the main room.  Here are a few of Lisa's finds:


  1. Thanks for sharing your story, Lisa!

    Good for you!

    Beautiful space.


  2. Such a sweet story! Thank you for sharing Lisa!!!

  3. It's so nice to meet you Lisa...what a great story you have. Your booth is wonderful...that cute chest is my fav:)


  4. What a great bio Lisa, you're even cooler than I thought you were already!

  5. You must of had those babies when you were five! Great story about following paths in life to lead us to places where we have heart-felt passion.

  6. Hello Lisa! I have always thought you were fabulous! It is nice to see our lovely face :)

    Heather K from Pier I a long time ago turned ICU nurse...
    Happy Spring

  7. I love the chest of drawers. Maybe you could give us a tutorial on how you painted it on the luckett's blog. I definitely want to know that technique

  8. Oh and include before and after pictures. I love to see how something started


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