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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Suzanne and Amy's restyled rooms

I mentioned earlier this week that several dealers have restyled their spaces.

After the Groundhog Sale, Amy and Suzanne have restyled their rooms on the second floor (at the top of the stairs) and in the first floor main room.

Here are a few pictures of rooms before the sale, and the new rooms after, enjoy!

Here was the space before Groundhog. We moved an island to create a second check out counter.  The room was opened up and it had a little bit of everything; it was a big variety of items and styles as everything was marked down for the sale.

Suzanne & Amy moved in some great leather pieces - an antique leather loveseat and chair with burlap and nailhead trim accents - gotta love worn in leather.  You'll also notice a nice new open shelving unit "Blacksmith's table" off to the left.

A great light that has the same look as a barn vent is made of wood.  Around this great reclaimed table are some whimsical chairs with drawings of the spine on the back of them...always something different and unusual at Lucketts!

Swinging around the room, you'll see a new bedroom display.  The bed is dressed in warm grey textiles.  The pillows are from fabrics that mimic old grain sacks.

Before the most recent restaging, Amy's space at the top of the stairs on the second floor was aflight with butterfly art.  The color scheme was mostly neutral greys and off-whites (aside from this cottage chest).

After the restaging, there are now a few distinct spaces to the room.  Here is a space that could be used for reading or as a great dressing area.

This is clearly the new bedroom quarters in the room.  Love those light fixtures!

And swinging further over to the left, the girls added a small sitting area with oversized equestrian art and a small table perfect for sipping morning coffee.

What do you think about Amy & Suzanne's new spaces?


  1. beautiful. wish i could come over.

    1. Thanks Meg. Hopefully we can continue to share more pics on the blog if you can't make it out. There's always the online store too : )

  2. Always so creative and inspiring!

  3. I just love Lucketts! My go to store for decorating!


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