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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Meet Cheryl of the Cowbell Kitchen

Meet Cheryl, the newest member of the Lucketts family.  Cheryl is an accomplished chef who owns the Cowbell Kitchen, our now permanent food truck that's right outside our steps in the parking lot.  Welcome Cheryl, we're so happy to have you!

Here is a little about Cheryl in her words...

Why I am who I am…..

Born in Pekin, Illinois & raised in the home my parents built
Grew up loving the outdoors, camping, exploring, water skiing, canoeing
Most comfortable in the kitchen since I was a wee girl
Studied horticulture in college
Hairstylist for 25 years
Went to film and photography school in Philadelphia
Packed up once a drove the back roads in USA searching for….
Graduated from pastry school when I was 40 years young
Have lived in 8 states
Experienced both 5 star, 5 diamond & hippy, dippy kitchens
Beautiful food brings me to tears
A few years back I worked on a farm and it changed me forever
My beau of 16 years & I are lovingly restoring our 1930’s home along with Oliver, our
crazy Jack Russell

The Cowbell Kitchen is…..
My commitment to a locally sourced, seasonal kitchen
A place to find handcrafted, old fashioned, made from scratch food products
Lets me create beautiful and tasty food in an imperfect style
A thought that I have had to bring people together and put a smile to their faces via food
My vehicle to be free, creative & footloose
A natural setting to for simple, fresh, healthy & happy food

Lucketts + cowbell kitchen =
A match made in heaven
Visual environment
Always changing
Fun & witty
A community of like mined hardworking committed folks!

From the bottom of my heart I thank Suzanne for this opportunity given to me. Also a big
hug to all the peeps at Lucketts that made my opening weekend a fantastic success, I sold
out of everything!!!! What awaits the Cowbell is something that I have only dreamed of.


  1. How exciting! i am looking forward to meeting you and trying your food! LOVE Lucketts .....it is my place of inspiration :) suzanne and the gang there are wonderful!!!!

    1. Thanks so much. Be sure to introduce yourself when you stop by!

  2. awww i love everything about this! was she the cart out front during the groundhog day sale? if so, there were some wonderful sounding soups to try!

    1. Yes, Bethany, she made her debut at the Groundhog Sale weekend. She'll be at the shop Fri., Sat & Sun 10am-5pm with good eats, stop by!

  3. Having known Chef Cheryl since the 80's when we had big hair together, I personally know the quality of anything she puts her name on is, the best...I am rarely surprised that Cheryl reinvents herself every so often...she thrives on it...and is good at it too!!
    Love u Cher...u r my idol ! Best of luck gitlfriend...xxoo

    1. Thank you for the kind words! If you have any big hair pictures of her, do share! : )

  4. Wonderfully crisp and always interesting!


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