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Thursday, February 28, 2013

On the road with the Cowbell Kitchen

On the road with the Cowbell Kitchen.  Where does Chef Cher get her goodies?

Follow her this week on a trip as she buys ingredients for her food truck.  She will be serving up tasty, locally-sourced foods at this weekend's Design House open house.

Every week leading up to Friday morning I spend my days lovingly traveling, schlepping, and filling up my Mini's backside with local treasures! One of my favorite stops is Tudor Hall Farm.

Tudor Hall Farm has been a Grantham family farm since 1763, amazing huh? In 1989 Bill and Phyllis Grantham diversified and started Tudor Hall Farm Market. They produce a list of fine products from free range eggs, anti-biotic free beef, a variety of produce and to the delicious sugar cured ham I use on our biscuit sandwich.

Great combination of flavors to bake the ham with, yummy! Simple, season the ham S&P, fill the bottom with cider then cover with foil and bake 20 minutes per pound or until internal temperature reaches 170 degrees. If needed add more hard cider, hopefully you didn't drink it all. Slice and enjoy.

It's all good at Tudor Hall, picking up a meat order via the honor system, ole fashion leave the check in a peanut butter jar method, giant smile!
The honor system
Oh my gosh, do I see sunshine? yeah!!!! gotta run, I mean drive to Chambersburg, PA for our dairy products. To be continued.....

Come visit me this weekend. I will be serving up delish food Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm. Looking forward to the Design House extravaganza!

Love my job,

PS - I also can take orders for fresh Easter ham.  Stop by the food truck & let me know.

This weekend's featured soup will be Roasted Tomato.  I'll be serving a hot pot sandwich of pulled local pork sandwich with a side of coleslaw.

Pastries & Treats for the weekend will be:
mini red velvet cupcakes
chocolate chip biscotti
rustic apple tarts
almond coffee cake
Cher's Ham & Biscuit Sandwich


  1. That biscuit is the best ever!!!!

  2. Just had a great snack - ham and cheese biscuit, biscuit with homemade marmalade, rustic apple tart, and delicious coffee! So excited about this addition!'


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