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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sunshine equals a spring veggie / fruit love affair!

Hold on and get ready..... spring has arrived! The vegetable and fruit bounty has started to pop, bud and wake up. Here is a list of what to expect soon at the farmers markets and at the Cowbell.

fava beans

dandelion greens
fiddle head ferns
Jerusalem artichokes

With the arrival of warmer weather I will be changing up the menu. As a seasonal Chef this is a very exciting time for me to incorporate the freshest locally sourced ingredients for you all to experience and fall in love with.

I will be offering some new delicious sandwiches, egg salad & ham salad. Both old fashioned and simple but packed with flavor and goodness. They will feature a whole wheat grain bread baked daily from Cardinal Bakery located in Sterling, VA. The ham and eggs are both from Tudor Hall Farm, healthy and from farmers who are committed to doing the right thing!

This weekend I will still offer 1 choice of soup but soon will be switching to chilled soup varieties.

Each weekend I will feature a composed salad, it will contain combinations veggies, fruits, lettuces and grains that I find at the local farms. Yummy stuff!
This is an example of the types of salads that will be coming your way.
Fava Bean Salad with Ham and Mint
from a favorite cookbook, A Platter of Figs, written by David Tanis of famed Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California
* 8-10 ponds fava beans, will yield about 6 cups, peeling them is worth the effort, enlist kids, grandparents, etc.
* 3 or 4 fennel bulbs, about 2 pounds
* 1 bunch scallions, thinly slivered
* salt and pepper
* fruity olive oil
* 1 bunch mint
* 1 lemon
* 12 slices cured ham, serrano or prosciutto
arugula, optional
Shuck the fava beans from their pods. Blanch in boiling water for 10 seconds, then cool in ice water. Pop out the beans with your thumbnail to free the barely cooked bean. cover with damp towel.
Ttrim and wash fennel. slice the fennel into thin shreds and put in bowl. Add the fava beans, scallions and a good sprinkling of sea salt. drizzle with olive oil to coat. coarsely chop the mint leaves and add, then squeeze the juice; add half the lemon over the salad. Toss well then taste and correct with salt, pepper, oil and lemon juice.
Pile onto platter, add a few grinds of pepper, and surround with thin slices of ham. garnish with arugula.
Serve and enjoy!
Cowbell Kitchen Weekend Menu
roasted red pepper & tomato soup
NEW sandwich choice of: ham or egg salad with crispy romaine piled on local multi grained bread
add: pickled red onions!
NEW composed salad: quinoa, grilled zucchini, peppers, cherry tomatoes, English cucumber, oregano & mozzarella
raspberry cheese cake
local rustic apple tarts
chocolate chip biscotti
coffee cake with almond streusel
mini buttermilk biscuits
watch for posting of Lucketts/Cowbell farm dinner under the stars date
Cowbell Kitchen cooking class series, hands on & moonshine included!!!
Fun stuff coming your way!

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