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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Even busier...

Yesterday, we gave you a sneak peek of what Amy has planned for the May 3, 4 & 5 Design House - her very own advice booth!

May is going to be a crazy month and we're all going to be busy, busy, busy. 

We'll be squeezing in Amy's advice booth along with a wedding reception, the Spring Market, a new baby, and a new puppy.

Piece of cake, right?

Busy Number 2 - Lucketts does a wedding! 
Our beautiful Gina…who had been with us since she was 11 years old slipped off and got married last September in a small private ceremony on the beach…we always said when she married we wanted to decorate her wedding …instead we will be decorating her massive “I Do” barbeque, so all of her friends and relatives will be able to celebrate her marriage.  Thank you Gina for planning that right in between the Design House and the Spring Market… but hey,we are the masters of pulling off events ..so we got this!

Decor for Gina's reception
For all of you brides to be out there…we just started thinking about this last Monday, and the reception will be May 11…NO STRESS WHATSOEVER!

The event is an informal barbeque with 250 guests there will be 25 tables of ten, a DJ,  a dance floor and the buffet table under the tent. As we have learned with our events over the years …“prepare for the worst and hope for the best” as far as the weather goes.. so all of the pertinent stuff needs to be under the tent.

We decided to go ahead and get the tables covered with the inexpensive rented white tablecloths to basically make the folding tables “go away”.  We purchased a large amount of the soft burlap that we will cut into squares to create toppers for all of the tables, and create a more textural feel to the scene…we want it to be “country” but not hillbilly…  Pit beef guy meets Design House…oh we got this!!!

Since each table is 5’ across we wanted a decent centerpiece but not one that will block the view of fellow diners…so we are going with a galvanized tub with 3 different varieties of fern nestled in excelsior.  The ferns will create a nice airy texture, and a garden feel to the interior of the tent.

Each table will have 6 floating votives for a candlelit effect without having to go into tapers, and holders.

The great news about the ferns versus floral arrangements is as they will need to be assembled, it will be much simpler, and they can be planted when the event is over.  All utensils will be wrapped in the napkin and tied in twine, baskets of utensils will be found at each table and at the food table.

Chalkboards will announce….WE DID!

Hay bales will be placed around the yard, and will be topped by cushions…..for additional seating..

Pillars topped with ferns will ring the dance floor.. Did we forget anything? Oh of course…kegs of beer…will be served in ball jars.  Super cute… inexpensive…and a great time will be had by all!
Lucketts Spring Market is 5/18 & 5/19 this year

Busy Number 3 -What else do we have going on in May?

Oh that's right…  SPRING MARKET is MAY 18-19.   Seriously, we don’t play…

This is the mother of all events…when we actually share our world with other antique vendors from all over the country…

We love love love our customers, and we don’t like to share…but just once a year we open up the floodgates.. and what an amazing event that makes..

The best customers in the world meet the best antique dealers we can find…alrighty then, it's a beautiful thing… but what does that look like for us?   Well, lets just say Heather hasn't slept since last October..  And once again, a great time will be had by all

Just plain crazy...

What else can we squeeze in?

Well Casey will be having her baby any time now...(I see a new furniture mover in training)

Amy’s puppy Stewy is turning into a bona fide monster and meet Josie!  Wyatt just added a new puppy to our ever growing dog family..

Congrats Casey!  Less than two weeks to go!

Amy's puppy Stewy is moving out of the puppy category and officially in to the horse category
 Wyatt's new puppy, Josie

JUNE….We rest, and smile back on our kooky May


  1. Gonna be the best BBQ there ever was...only the Lucketts crew could pull all this off!

  2. Shew,,after reading this I need a nap...How do you girls do this time and time again?..No,really I wanna know!

  3. thanks for share..


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