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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Update on the "Whyte Estate"

The scorching weather has the boys (you know Henry, he is everywhere) and I over at the "Whyte Estate" in small doses this week.  We are going through the house and picking out the original items that we are going to keep and implement into different designs.  This is helping me narrow down the list that seems to be a zillion lines long of what I need to will to gather in the up coming months.  

A few things that excite me the most:

As soon as I spotted this cast iron sink, I knew it was going to be used for a mud room.  It is  currently part of an existing out building that will eventually be fixed up and used as my husbands work space. The sink though, it will become the focal point of the mud room that I have dreamt of having for many years.  I want it to be a cottage type room that will be a place for the family to enter and throw their shoes, as well as double as a laundry room. My son Sam has been begging (and trust me he has taken it to a whole new level now that he knows we are moving) me for a dog for years.  When the "Whyte Estate" is finished, we can finally make that happen. Even though the dog is yet to be,  I can't help myself from envisioning giving the dog a bath in the sink.  Hang your coat, drop your boots, clean your clothes, wash the dog....this mud room will truly be a one stop shop! 

I like this image of the sink and side by side laundry unit.  Something with less cabinets to make it more of a stopping place, I picture hooks and a bench.

I like this picture because it creates an image in my head of what the sink will look like when it is all cleaned up and in a finished space.

Source: google.com via Lucketts on Pinterest

Next up.....this chimney stack that we found still has the original brick, you can see peeking out from under an inch of plaster.  I can't wait to get the rest of that plaster off:

This was a terrific and unexpected find and even better news, it is part of the kitchen!  This white washed loveliness is definitely staying. 

I think this image really resembles what the brick will look like completely exposed and restored.  I hope to mix it in with a light, bright and open kitchen. 

And lastly......the fireplace that you have seen once before:

I have a relationship with this fireplace.  It is pretty much the only thing in the home that looks like it is semi-finished.  I walked into the house, saw this fireplace and said we are going to do this. I want this fireplace to remain exactly how it is and will decorate around it.  I love the raw wood, black scarring and it's over all patina.   I see a star bust mirror of some sort above it.  Maybe a driftwood one like this:

Source: via Lucketts on Pinterest

Paired with a grey color similar to this:

But for now, I am overheated and need to go get a fountain soda!



  1. oh wow - best idea i've heard all day. i, too, would like a fountain soda. a nice diet pepsi with little ice.

    isn't this heat CRAZY? our horses were sweating by 8 am and no one looks pretty in this kind of heat.

    Stay cool!!

  2. Can't wait to see what this place is going to look like when you are done. It's going to be gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :)


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