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Friday, June 1, 2012

We like you...we really like you

 It was only supposed to be for a weekend.

But when a girl finds an easier and more stylish way to do her laundry, sometimes she just can't help herself...

Part of getting our online store, Shop Lucketts, up and running has been shooting {and reshooting} all of the product photos.  The entire process has taken many weeks setting up vignettes inside and around The Design House.  

I brought this basket home to photograph for our online catalog a few months back.  The pictures we took in The Design House just weren't reading right and I thought it would be cute to take a picture of  it by my bathtub. 

What I was actually surprised by was how convenient it is to have a decent sized basket on wheels around for my clean & dirty laundry, and for my towels. I can fill it up with my dirty laundry, roll it over to the washer when it's full, and I can stand up straight when I’m folding and placing them back in the basket. I know it seems silly, but having it up high is pretty great.

And I gotta tell you what, it's actually super cute in my house.  So I was only going to bring it home to take a picture of it for the catalog, but I think it’s a keeper! 

Stay tuned and keep checking the blog.  I have a giveaway scheduled for Monday that you're going to love!

PS - I just checked and we only have 10 of these left.  You can get yours here, and be sure to check out our other favorite items when you visit Shop Lucketts.   


  1. Suzanne,
    I have one like this made from wood with wheels that is just the frame. It was meant to be 'covered' with a piece of fabric - almost like a hammock - to hold your laundry. It folds up and I hang it on my back porch - then when I am ready to hang my laundry on the line - out it comes with me! I love it!!


    1. Sounds like you found a keeper too, Liz

  2. Oh yes...she would be a keeper at my house!!!



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