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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Update on the "Whyte Estate"

Last week we gave you the full scope on what is going on with Amy and Chateau Blanc.  I bet when you read that we would be giving you updates, you were expecting a complete before and after this week or maybe some demo?  Well.....first things first:

We knew the house needed major work.  Plumbing, electrical, walls, and everything in between.  We knew there would be surprises, maybe some water damage, the usual problems.  What Amy didn't expect was SNAKES!

The house has been vacant for quite a while and once Amy and her husband set up shop for a few hours, they noticed tons of snakes coming out from the wood works, literally.  Most of them are harmless black snakes, but that does not stop them from scarring you to death. 

Picture the ladies going to visit the house.  We walk in and Amy's starts stomping on the ground like she is throwing a temper tantrum in hopes of scaring them away.  Most of us ignored her and just kept going through the house in excitement.  It was when she mentioned she didn't want them to fall on our heads that we all scattered.  Sure enough, you look up and we spotted two huge black snakes right away.  So Amy's first house job was googling and purchasing snake tongs ( a good pair can run you upwards of $80, little known fact).

Here is Amy's husband hard at work clearing the house to make it safe:

Look closely and you can see the tongs.

One snake down. 


  1. Oh my God! I hate snakes!!! I hope she has gotten rid of them all!!! UGH!!!

  2. To think of them falling on my head just fills me with horror! Naja - Adamstown, MD

  3. Gives me the creeps! Ick!

  4. They are probably eating mice in the old house. Black snakes won't hurt you, but they'll make you hurt yourself!

  5. EWWWW! Fall on your head??!! Nightmares!

  6. I'm getting ready to clean out my Grandmother's estate and this is my biggest fear!I might have to pick up some of those handy tongs!

  7. I would run out of that house and never go back!

    1. But it will be so beautiful Sherry ---- stay tuned, we promise!

  8. Grab a shovel, then it's OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

  9. They need a cat! I am not even a "cat person". (GASP) I would have to convert if there were snakes IN my house. : )


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