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Friday, June 8, 2012

Store to Abode Fridays #14 - maps

It's that time of the week when we take an inspiration item from the store and show you how to use it in your home.

Lots of our favorite decorating magazines have been using maps in their rooms for a while now.

Here are some fun and unusual ways to get in on the trend and incorporate maps in your decor.


My inspiration photo for this week came from Karen's room.  I just love this vintage map in black and white.  I took this photo last month, but we actually have a few of these in our online store, Shop Lucketts.  {Click here to see what we have left in stock}.

And here are some other options for map decor:

{1}  These nautical maps look great as wallpaper or paired in an entry way.


{2}  I'm not sure if this was painted on by a very patient hand or if it's some sort of large scale image transfer.  Either way, this is a very cool way to share your love of geography.

{3}  What a yummy collection of globes on this bookcase.


{4}  For those of you who love DIY projects, here is a dresser that could easily be replicated using large sheets of wrapping paper with a map motif.  {Hint:  the artwork above the dresser is also map wrapping paper}


{5}  I like how Restoration Hardware took one large image, and then broke it up, framing each section as its own piece of art.


There are so many ways to incorporate maps in your decor {think lampshades, pillows, other accessories} that I didn't have enough room to put more examples.  Maps are a great way to add color to your room, and are easy to personalize when you use a meaningful location.

Don't forget to enter our Shop Lucketts giveaway.  One lucky winner will receive a sign of their choice from our online store.  All entries must be received by Sunday, June 10th, before midnight.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thanks for joining us for Store to Abode Friday.  If you want to see other products we typically sell in the store and how you can decorate with them, click on the picture below.


  1. I love maps! I have several giant county maps that I need to do something with...thanks for the inspiration!


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