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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Introducing the "Whyte Estate...."

Meet Amy: 

Many of you already know or recognize her, but here is the gist.....

Amy joined Suzanne at My Witts End years ago.  She was a long time customer with a normal 9am-5pm day job as a legal transcriber.  When she couldn't take looking at her "oatmeal" colored cubicle anymore, she quit and started selling antiques at My Witts End with Suzanne.

Fast forward three years and Suzanne is purchasing Luckett's.   Amy was one of the first people to lend a helping hand. Between painting suggestions and walking pregnant Suzanne through what we still think is the haunted third floor, she became a necessity around the soon to be shop.

Over the years Amy has become a fabulous dealer at Lucketts and eventually started the Design House with Suzanne. People were so enthused by her natural decorating talents, color schemes and displays that they wanted to hire Amy to design their own homes.

Amy began to take on major design jobs in Northern Virginia.  Meanwhile, what most people didn't know, was while Amy was making other peoples homes beautiful, she was losing her own home. The recession was very difficult for her husband, who is a builder. Like so many these past years, Amy eventually lost her adorable cottage.

Amy and her husband have remained patient for the day that they could turn things around.....well that day is finally here!!!

Introducing the "Whyte Estate" (Amy's last name), or what we like to call "Chateau Blanc:"

A few months ago Amy's friend and realtor gave her a call about a unique property that was for sale.  Amy went to check it out and within seconds knew that she was going to make an offer.  As luck would have it, their offer was accepted.  After weeks of getting paperwork and permits together, Amy is ready to reconstruct and decorate her dream cottage.  "Chateau Blanc" in our eyes, is perfect.  It is not to big, it is full of charm and potential, and best of all it is a blank slate for Amy to put her own stamp on every square inch.  With that said, the house is in need of pretty much everything and will be a long project.  You know....just minor things like plumbing, electrical, and walls. 

We hope that you follow us on this journey in documenting Amy's dream cottage.  We are talking the good, the bad, the great ideas, the "oops" moments and everything in between.  Below are a few snap snots of what made all of us fall in love"

The pediment and light fixtures are original to the house.  They will both stay.

Hello raw pine fireplace.  We are excited to see what Amy decides to put above it!

This room is part of a separate building.  Amy will clean up the built ins and bring this screened porch area back to its glory.

Look closely and you can see two sets of double french doors. 

We are just so excited!!

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  1. It's going to be just beautiful when it's finished! Have fun with it. I just can't wait to see how it turns out. Congratulations to Amy and her husband! :) ~ Tess Reeves LaFrance

  2. looking forward to all the updates on the "whyte estate"....what a fitting event for someone who put her luck in luckett's....happy days !

  3. What a lovely adventure for Amy. Congratulations on your new home.

  4. I absolutely love following renovation journeys! I can't wait to see what passion and creativity Amy injects into her new, cozy home. Congratulations!

  5. Can't wait to follow this journey!! 'Great bones' as they say. congrats!!!

    Kris of Cricket Acres Studio


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