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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Where it all goes...

We've had several posts that talk about where things go when they leave the shop. The stories are always interesting - we've had items end up in a tattoo parlor, with a famous horse trainer on his equestrian estate in Florida, and driven back up north to New York as a gift for an artist.  We love to hear where our finds will start the next chapter of their lives.

What a great weekend!  A fantastic and very talented local designer, Lauren Liess, stopped by.  Among her finds were some ironstone, a plaster architectural piece, and this very cool modern painting on wood from the 1950's that Pat had in her space {shown below}.

This clock {shown below} is actually several feet across and makes quite a statement.  It will make its home in a new pad in Washington, D.C.

 This great mirror {shown below} ended up back with one of our dealers.  Jennifer loved it so much when she saw it in Pete's space that she had to have it!  Hey, sometimes that happens.

 Have a great day!


  1. Always fun to know where an item came from and where it went! Personally, in my home, I have a large sideboard, a small sideboard, two bedside tables and a variety of odds and ends that I've picked up in your store (my favorite local shop, I might add). I think I need to make another visit soon!! I actually go sometimes just for decorating therapy! Hugs, Leena

  2. Leena - if you have pics, please send them to us so we can feature you!


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