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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gettin' props!

Antiques and vintage finds are terrific ways to add interest to your photos.  We've spotted vintage props in engagement photos, family portraits, wedding photos, and pictures of children and pets.  Here are a few of our favorite finds that are help make photos more creative and beautiful.

Old shutters and doors add lots of color and are great backdrops for photos.

Vintage or painted frames can be wonderful in a photo shoot.  I've seen some really cute engagement photos with a couple holding an oversized frame.
{source:  Pinterest}

Vintage trunks always add instant character to any photo scene.
{source:  Lucketts Store Design House}

Old crates are great to prop things on.  Vintage feed sacks are always popular in photos for their texture and typography.
{source:  The Old Lucketts Store}

Events in the City recently picked up some items at the shop for an engagement photo shoot including a peanut sack, a vintage mailbox, and a Love sign.
{source:  Events in the City}

Although they're getting tougher and tougher to find {even for us}, vintage dress forms are always beautiful and add so much to a photo shoot.
{source:  Lucketts Store Design House}

Vintage hats are always popular.  The styles vary so much that you really can match any mood or look that you're trying to portray in a photo shoot.
{source:  The Old Lucketts Store}

Who doesn't love a vintage suitcase?  Like the hats, there is so much variety with these and they can match any mood.  You can find a leather bound, manly-looking version {shown below}, or a very cute retro version in bright patent leather or cool print for very different looks.
{source:  The Old Lucketts Store}

Vintage bottles and books will instantly make any room {or photo subject} look studious.
{source:  The Old Lucketts Store}

What are your favorite vintage photo props?  
Leave us a comment and let us know!
Happy snapping!

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