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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Antique dress form love

{1} Dress form holding scarf at our Design House.
We're totally in love with dress forms today and every day.

We get vintage dress forms in the shop, but even for us, the really old ones have just been getting more and more difficult to find.  Usually when we do have them, we're sure to post them on our website for Fresh Off the Wagon, since they're highly sought after by our customers.

We love looking at all the variations over time; you can really find some beautiful pieces with great age and patina.  We use them at the shop to display scarves and wraps, jewelry, and they just plain look cool in a room by themselves - so we do that too!

Where can you go when you want a vintage dress form fix?

I scoured around and found a few favorite pictures.  They're mostly early 1900's examples and many easily  ranged from $750 and up {yikes!}.  Here are the results of my search.  Leave us a comment telling us which dress form is YOUR favorite.  Have a great day!

{2} This one is early 1900's.  It stands 4' 6" tall with a 21" round skirt.

{3} Not sure of the era on this one, but another example of a cage dress form.


{4}  This one extends to 43" tall.  I love how the photographer offset the form in this picture against that dark concrete wall.  Pretty!


{5} These are really exciting....well to me anyway!  Here is a pair from France circa 1750!  These are still available from Coup d'Etat in San Francisco.  One is listed as 6' 2" tall and the other is 6' 6" tall.  No price listed for the pair, I can't imagine...

Which of these five antique dress forms is your favorite?
Leave us a comment and let us know!


  1. Like you, I love old dress forms. I have one very similar to the first picture. She lives in my bedroom and is wearing vintage skirts, old lace collar, lots of jewelry (old and new), a scarf and a crown on top. I also have three others that I rotate in and out of my antique booth. Yes, they are very hard to find! I just sold one not too long ago and it only took a week for someone to scoop her out of my booth.

  2. I love these and you are right - they are so hard to find. I like #2 best but then that is because she is like mine- Josephine. I am always on the lookout for more - and especially would love a childs size one but am told they are next to impossible to find.

  3. They are all gorgeous, but I like #1 best. I like the size, shape and colors. Would love to own one someday.

  4. I love #5. I don't think I have ever seen one from the 1700's.

  5. My Heart skips a beat whenever I see Old
    Dress Forms.... the duo in the bottom
    photo are Breathtaking~ Thanks for sharing

  6. Those all pictures are very nice, Especially i like first one. In first picture, i like size, shape and colors. I impressed by that.

  7. It is interesting post. I like the size, shape and colors in above picture. I like to share this information with all my friends.

  8. #3 is my favorite. Loks like the old dressed with a bustle in back. Gone with the Wind like. Love it.

    1. Thanks for your comment, we really love #3 also!

  9. no 3, the more wear and tear....the more been around the block and back....the more I have been here and back...and I am still hear the better...I love stuff that say's I have been used and loved by many and now I am here for you....i think my love of these has to do with my years in retail...38 and even now in retirement I have found a way to still mess with the visual side of retail...funny how right now I am working on a mannequin form that had been left for falling apart ....plaster cracking tells me more 1920 and up...but she has the cloth and metal inset that tell me, I am old....so yes lovin...this is the second one I am working on.....If you ever have one that needs a STAND....FIND a old floor lamp in rough shape,heavy base...stick it up the from and then use some screws and bolts,you will find this will work for a stand. So this has been long winded...check out my blog in March and you will find the last lady I did....Some day I will make it east and visit....

  10. I just bought an antique dress form today at a local rummage sale. I don't know anything about them and would appreciate any help anyone could give me to determine the age and value of it. I could would love it if someone would give me an email address or something where I could send a picture to help identify it. I haven't noticed any marks or tags on it but it has a wooden stand that is thicker than others I've seen with a wooden rod running up the center, a steel frame with a moss green material on the outside and a round steel hand crank at the top. Any help would be fantastic. My email is jittles@yahoo.com please put something in the subject line about the dress form so I know it's not spam. Thank you!

  11. Wow, this brings back memories. My grandmother had one in her sewing room at their farm, and my sister and I had so much fun dressing it up when we were little. I am 56 and my sister is 59, thanks for bringing back some good memories!

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