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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wine tasting room

Taking pictures around the store each week for Fresh Off the Wagon is just like going shopping - except it's with a camera, and it's free.

Sometimes I come across items that I just love, and I tell myself I'll put them in my "Dream ______".   I fill in the blank with any and all of the following:  bedroom, living room, bathroom, guest room, great room... and today, I'm filling it in with wine tasting room.

Here are few things I would put in my dream wine tasting room.

The photos are actual items from the shop that were here over the past year --- they're long gone, but hopefully they've made it to someone else's dream room.

What would you put in your dream wine tasking room?  Leave a comment and let us know!

I'd have to have a really cool bar that I could stand behind and serve my guests.

 And I would need unique wine storage...

A great reclaimed wood table to sit down and have a few laughs.

A nice big comfy chair.

A great wire front cabinet to store my wine glasses.

...and some antique wine accessories like this.


  1. Oh, yes, the comfy chair and vintage accessories are the bomb! Add to the list a shabby chalkboard to list ' glass of the day'!

  2. Lively Grace - what great ideas! Love the glass of the day idea. Thanks for your comment!


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