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Sunday, January 8, 2012

New year, new sign

While we loved our old sign, the weather had gotten the best of it...
Marian took this picture for us before our Holiday Open House.

...and our website and print materials have been branded with our tagline, Vintage Hip.  We wanted to carry this theme through on to our new sign.
Website graphic.

Enter our new sign! A gift from one of our vendors made by a very talented significant other. We pulled the new sign out of the barn today and propped it up for this photo. You would have thought I would stage a better picture than propping the sign up against some holiday greenery, a metal cactus, a vintage bike, a fire pit and lawn chair, and a few trailers full of new finds. But hey, it was cold outside, and that sign was HEAVY!!! Focus on the sign, focus on the sign...

 The metal sign is painted and lettered entirely by hand - no stencils here.  Don't be confused, the wood frame you see is completely a faux finish wood painted on metal!  Here is a closeup of the hand lettering and a sweet robin in the corner.

The next step is getting county approval and switching out the signs.  We're VERY excited about this new sign.  We couldn't be happier!

Don't forget, our biggest sale of the year arrives February 3rd.


  1. I can't believe that is all hand painted. Really nice!

  2. Love the new sign! And you are definitely vintage hip!!! Hope to see you in a few months on my next trip to Virginia! Love Lucketts!!!


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