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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LuckettStories - Da Bomb

We've had such an insane amount of funny and crazy stories over the years that it doesn't even make sense. We've been told many times that we need our own sitcom or at least to write this stuff down somewhere. So we're going to start now - we're gonna dig deep and bring to you all of the most ridiculous ones we can remember. So here we go with our first weekly post from our collection of LuckettStories!

Da Bomb 

Thursday night was always my auction night, my husband would take the kids and I was completely free for the entire evening. I would head to Cochran's Auction and spend every minute of the evening alongside the auctioneer, so I wouldn't miss anything that might fall through the cracks. Every bowl, bottle, antique toy and anything else I could afford with that certain "look," I bought. This particular evening there were lots of toys - kiddie microscopes, biology sets, and some old fashioned chemistry sets with pretty bottles and really cool labels. As always I bought it all, boxed it up, threw it in my rusty old van and headed home. The next morning I hastily threw all these boxes on the ground to make room for my kids car seats, and ran them up to their A.M preschool. After returning home, I tossed the boxes back into the van and headed to my store, My Wits End, that's just up the road from Lucketts.
That day I spent unpacking my newfound treasures, cleaning them up, pricing them, and artfully displaying them throughout my little shop. Proud at my productive days work, I could finally head home.

A day or two had passed when a customer came in and showed a keen interest in the old chemistry set, much to my delight. He asked, "Do you know what you have here ma'am?" Excited by his tone, I figured I might have finally found something worth a lot of $. "No," I said, "but I love the shape of the bottles and the pretty labels, I think it's probably from the 1940's or 50's." "Yes, your probably right about the time frame, but this bottle here is [blah blah acid] and over time it oxidizes and becomes very volatile...like a bomb. I'm a bomb squad guy from Fairfax County and this bottle could explode from the slightest vibration, even as slight as someone opening or closing your front door." Freaked out and realizing how much I had already carelessly thrown the bottle around, I asked what I should do. "We're going to need to call in the bomb squad and have them detonate the bottle."

Seriously, I wish I could make this stuff up, but here's what happened next... We gently left the shop (making sure to put up the closed sign) and called the bomb squad, who also freaked out. They quickly brought out their entire detonation unit, had a man in full bomb squad armor bring out the bottle, and detonated it in a local field! In the process they closed off route 15 for almost the entire evening and earned my unknown little shop a spot on the 6 o'clock news.

Lessons learned? Pay attention in chemistry class OR only buy pretty bottles that are empty, cause 15 minutes of fame is highly overrated.


  1. And to think that some people use the local newspapers to get publicity! Why bother when you can have an entire story on the nightly news? LOL Really funny story! I can imagine that it wasn't so humorous at the time, however LOL Sorry just had to laugh again! Thanx for sharing ~Leena~

  2. Aaaahaha that's hilarious. And scary. I mean what are the odds that a) you'd buy a bomb at an auction and b) that a bomb squad guy would just happen to come into your store at that time?? Wow. So glad that it turned out the way it did!!

  3. That is hilarious! LOL story! Thanks for sharing. Carol

  4. This is some funny [bleep]! I am sure not funny to you at the time, but glad you have a great sense of humor about it now. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have tweeted and linked this on facebook. I think it is so important for everyone to read this! Dean

  6. How frightening - and hilarious! Someone or something was looking out for you that's for sure. :)

  7. After reading the post, the picture looks like the bottle blew up and blew up a lady, leaving only her foot and shoe. :) So funny!

  8. ok I have one for you a little different but bomb squad worthy...I was a manager of a Dillards for years.One morning I am on my way to work it's the Sat.before Mothers Day..so going in early,my Asst.had pulled into the parking lot..police everywhere starting to close off the road...What the,so I meet up and we find out that our Dock Manager had rolled up the doors and startled someone outside the doors,who pulled away..with a wire hanging from his pickup...my Bubba yes this is Texas. looks at a duffle bag(*&^&*)he see's a grenade...he calls PD clears his dock staff from store...We find out and I start contacting head quarters...well we are only 20 min. to FT Hood yes they have Bomb equipment ....so we get the robot..disarms the grenade ...we find out the wire was hooked the grenade pin but not attatched...Bubba O My...Their was a TV station camera that aimed right at the door he was setting it up as...They caught the guy later in the day..but I could skip being on the news, and lossing half of a saturday before Mothers Day...we stay'd open laterrr...stuff happens but yurs is priceless,,


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