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Friday, June 10, 2011

June isn't just for hydrangeas...

Photo: Van Chaplin for Southern Living
Thumbing through some June issues of my favorite magazines, I saw one common theme - everyone is featuring hydrangeas, again.  Yes, they're beautiful, and yes, I love them.  But when I started to look through an issue of a magazine that shall remain nameless, I saw a picture that I loved, and then... the rocky path looked familiar, and then the hydrangeas spilling out over the wooden crate started to look familiar too.  I ran to my stack of back issues and saw the same pictures in two old issues, cropped slightly differently, but the same photos.  I'm well aware that magazines reuse content, but I thought we could feature some other flowers for June, besides hydrangeas. Any time I think flowers or garden style, I think of one of our dealers, Mary Lou, who is always using flowers for her signature garden style.

Large elements like shutters, garden tables, benches, and doors, like the oversized "chippy" example here, are some of Mary Lou's signature pieces.  She greens up the room with urns filled with topiaries and ivy.

Mary Lou adds pops of color to her vignettes, like these red and yellow poppies.

Here's a garden bench Mary Lou had made from a headboard and foot board --- perfect for relaxing in the garden.

I love this worn shutter.  These are always reasonably priced in Mary Lou's room and pavilion outside.  The large size quickly adds a lot of character to a space.  And hooray - more bright floral touches!

Here's an oversized potting table.  Mary Lou loves painted furniture as well.

More of Mary Lou's style.  This garden table is on sale for $179 this week.

Mary Lou makes wonderful handmade wreaths.  This one looks great against this lavender door. 
(and they smell great too)
And wait several weeks...those hydrangeas that are blooming now in Mary Lou's garden will be dried, bundled, and available at the shop!  Discover Mary Lou's finds on the second floor of the shop or outside in her pavilion.


  1. Great photos!! I love Mary Lou's unique garden style!

  2. Thanks Anonymous. She definitely does garden style right!


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