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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A piano reincarnated

It's always wonderful to close the circle and see where our finds end up.  Recently, one of our marble top end tables made it all the way in to the Home Section of the New York Times.  This past week, one of our facebook friends, Erin N., shared some pictures of the desk she found at The Old Lucketts Store in its brand new home.  It's always so nice to see things come full circle, and rewarding for us to see how you are loving and using something we found and loved once too.

This desk was near and dear to our hearts. We featured it on our Fresh off the Wagon page a few weeks ago.  Its first incarnation was in the 1800's as a spinet piano.  Heather found it and loved its bones, but it was no longer functional as a piano.  That's when her handy husband reincarnated it, as a beautiful desk!  See how the desk looks in Erin's home in Washington, DC.  If you have pictures of how you've decorated with something found at the shop, please let us know!

Look at those lovely carved legs!
Ready for her new desk job!
The desk looks great in this corner with a collage of mirrors above it.
The new desk, looking happier than ever.


  1. what a lovely reincarnation ! years ago, my mother in law had an old old black piano that was very ornate such as this....she kept it for a long time and then i think she trashed it....of course, it was long ago, but look what it could have become with a handyman and some paint......sigh......

    gorgeous desk....thank you for sharing !

  2. Thanks Joanne! It's amazing what a little imagination and a few power tools can do. :)


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