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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Beautiful Find

This past week, we featured a lovely stained glass window on our Fresh Off the Wagon page which we update weekly.  Within minutes of taking the photo and posting the picture last Wednesday on our website, it sold.  It got me thinking of some of my favorites from one of our dealers, Robert, who specializes unique antiques and architectural elements, including doors and windows saved from historic buildings.  Here are a few favorites brought in and sold over the last few months...enjoy!

This was the beautiful stained glass window with a pond and cattails that came in the shop last week and left shortly thereafter with some lucky buyer. 

Robert offers a lot of re-purposed antique pieces.  This one caused a stir a few months back.  The old cast iron bathtub was split into two pieces and made into a pair of garden planters.

A beautiful hand carved mirror from the 1800s was offered back in April.

A unique piece from Robert - a vintage fireman's coat and hat.

And yet another unique piece - a window from the "Institute for Wayward Young Women".  I'm not sure where it is, but they sound like a fun bunch!

A beautiful example of a 1920's pair of carved stained glass doors - gorgeous!
Robert is really good at finding new uses for old pieces.  Here is an vintage piano backboard re-purposed with some vintage doorknobs into a one-of-a-kind chalkboard.

And last but not least, a laughing metal elephant lamp - he looks so happy. 
You can find Robert's unique finds at The Old Lucketts Store in the 2nd floor hallway, on the 3rd floor, and outside in his pavilion.

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