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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Boredom and a Blank Wall

The shop was a little quiet Sunday morning.  There would have been a lot to do, except that Heather is an early riser and gets to the shop two hours before it opens, which means the shop is already swept, the music is on, and everything has been given a once (or twice) over already by the time I get there.

Today's project involved sprucing up the entryway.  Our dear friend Ted passed away last month and he used to occupy the front room.  As his last few items are being sold, we were left with a blank wall.  We really wanted to hang the water buffalo head - it's beautiful and eye catching, except the water buffalo literally took a nose dive earlier this week, and did a job on his nose, so he wouldn't work.  So, we decided to have some fun and pick things out from around the shop.  Here are the results...

The main focus of the wall is a piece by Alice & Jay which is an art piece made of found metal objects.  This one includes a framed teapot with wire "tea" spilling out.

We picked a few round elements like this tin flower-petal mirror, a round distressed tin piece and antique wooden architectural pieces.

Here's a closeup of some of the uniquely shaped tin pieces we used and one of the round architectural elements.

This piece of tin looks like a snowflake to me.  And with the weather we've been having, I'll gladly welcome a snowflake in June.

Here's the final wall.  We added the word CREATE in tin.  Of course we ran out of the letter "E" so we improvised with some upside down 3s.  It was also kind of wonky standing on a ladder perched on stairs so the letters weren't perfectly in a row --- but hey, that's part of the fun.  The grey piece to the left of the artwork is actually a chalkboard!  It looks like a chandelier crystal to me and I thought the unique shape worked well with the other pieces.
A case of boredom cured!  Thanks for looking.


  1. What a great display! I love the use of the letters (and numbers) to spell out CREATE and that they are wonkey. They look better that way! All of the items are really kewl - one of the great things about Lucketts. You'll always find something kewl that you didn't expect to find! Poor Buffalo. I hope his nose is better soon. I think that the groundhog pushed him . Looking forward to my next visit! ~Leena~

  2. Thanks Leena. I think the buffalo may get some plastic surgery sometime this week - if the doctor can fit her in. See you soon! :)


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