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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fresh Off the Wagon - 06.02.11

Lots of neat items arrived this week in time for weekend shopping.  I noticed a theme this week --- a lot of our dealers seemed to be bringing in oversized pieces.  To keep myself interested (and because I wanted to see what the Merriam-Webster thesaurus had to say about the word "large"), I decided to focus our Fresh Off the Wagon feature on our website on some of the larger pieces.  My dimension requirements for this week's blog post: all items had to have at least one dimension 5 feet or larger.  To get a peek of other new items this week, visit our website.

Anne brought in this substantial two piece pine cabinet.  She recently added shelves for extra storage. The cool rattan ball thingys (yes that's a technical term) can be decorative, or you can easily wire them and create unique light fixture.   Oh, and this one is 6 feet 10 inches high!

I love, love, love this gargantuan mirror framed in vintage tin.  It's 5 feet wide and over 7 feet tall.  Better pick this one up on a Thursday, Saturday or Sunday when we have extra hands to help you load it - it's in Pete's space on the third floor - yikes!

Pat brought in a massive industrial table made out of wood with metal legs.  This baby is 6 feet long.

Amy has a rustic king-size reclaimed wood coffee table with neat-o bolts in her space.  It's a whopping 67 inches wide!

Who doesn't love a good farm table?  This tin-topped monster is 7 feet wide.

This grand library sofa table with feed sack top under glass is 5 feet wide

At 74 inches wide, this mammoth sized chest of drawers offers tons of storage. 

And finally, here is a jumbo brass bed.  I didn't measure it, but I figure a twin bed must be at least 5 feet long, right?

Thanks for indulging my goofy post.  Speaking of indulging, if you haven't seen Ted's recipe for fried green tomatoes that I posted earlier this week, please do.  You have to try them this summer. 


  1. Oh how I'd love to just come over and shop! Can't tell what I like the most!

  2. Thanks Dina. Lots of great finds last week. The farm table actually has a new home and is on its way to a horse farm in Wellington, Florida - sounds like that piece will have a great second life. I wonder if we'd be allowed to visit it?


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