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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We have a Visiting Vendor

We finally figured it out!  There are soooo many creative people out there and we would love to be able to spot-light these DIY’ers and give them an opportunity to shine!  So here we go and here’s how it works!  It’s called Visiting Vendor and you can rent space and be part of
The Old Lucketts Store family for an entire month! 

Right now, the space is in the lobby with our long-time dealer, Anne Shonnard.  Your goods will co-mingle with her inventory.  We have our first visiting vendor, Amy Margello for the month of August.  She is not only in the lobby but she chose to be in Anne’s garden pavillion as well. (Yes…she has that much stuff!)

Amy has been going strong since August 1st and selling like crazy.  She’s not afraid of a challenge and has been restocking a couple of times a week…and has even been spotted dropping off furniture in the dark!  She is rocking!

Here’s a couple of pics: (more on facebook)

Sweet settee –it wasn’t in the shop 10 minutes when someone grabbed the tag! 
And here she is out in the Garden Pavillion.  We just love that Italian urn and that sweet little blue chair!  Amy and Anne had a lot of fun mixing it up out there!  Oh….and check out that glass top coffee table.  Our customers are alllllways looking for coffee tables! 

So that’s how it works!  Bring awesome stuff and it will sell!  And we said we love DIY’ers but that doesn’t mean you had to milk the cow to make the paint!  We are all do-it -yourselfers.   We hunt for it, we haul it home, we paint it, we price it, we fluff it….and much more…that’s a DIY’er!  It’s hard work!  And we gotta stick together!

If you’re interested in being a Visiting Vendor, please contact
Anne at luckettstore@gmail.com with subject line visiting vendor.  And tell us why YOU should be the next Visiting Vendor…send pics too!  

You can see more of Amy’s fabulous finds at Facebook.   Share the love and friend a new friend!


  1. What a super neat idea!


  2. How fun! Looking forward to seeing some fun vendors floating through!


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