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Monday, August 19, 2013

Goldilocks and the Fall Design House color palette

Amy is obsessed with color.  And she's really, really good at it. 

Amy can have conversations about the precise color at the bottom of a glass of iced tea where the tea and water begin to mix (true story).

She can tell you why there are 45 different shades of off-white in the paint store, how they're different, and when and why you would use one over another.

She can also tell you when all the colors in the paint store just won't cut it for the specific light and furnishings in a room.  Enter Amy's custom color for September....a color she's calling Mocha Ya-Ya.

Mocha Ya-Ya came about by mixing a few different paint colors that just wouldn't work individually. 

Mocha Ya-Ya had to be just right for the back porch and kitchen area...

...rich enough not to fade away in the morning light hitting the back porch
...not too dark and oppressive for our kitchen which doesn't get natural light all day
...neutral enough to work with our black & white art and full color art
...complimentary to the wood tones of the new furniture
...a nice transition in to the greens and greys in adjacent rooms

When Amy found the right blend, she took a swatch to the paint store and she had a color match made.   BAM!  Custom color, here we come!

We're happy our Goldilocks found a color that was just right!

Amy even used Mocha Ya-Ya in her library and office at home.  (Behr's Creek Bend, a beautiful grey, is also used in her recent completely renovated and rebuilt home).
Here are the rest of the colors Amy picked for the September Design House.  We're bringing in more color for the walls in the September House to add depth and warmth to the rooms for fall.  (Think cozy, comfy, but still on trend).
If you have a question for Amy about color or design, feel free to bring pictures to The Design House events, or email her at the shop (luckettstore@gmail.com    Attention:  Suzanne & Amy design or color question).


  1. Great colors! I especially like Creek Bend and Mocha Ya-Ya (nice work Amy). I am looking forward to your next design house!

  2. I love playing with paint chips, but actually choosing a color is a slow and painful process! Amy has a real talent!

  3. We have Rosemary Sprig in our living room...great color for all seasons!


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