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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Oh what a night!

Twinkle Bell Secret Dinning Fellowship. 

Oh what a night!

The day started off with a prediction of 60% chance of evening thundershowers but somehow with the kitchen gods watching over us the rain held off and instead presented a cool enchanted evening for Twinkle Bell's debut!
The week prior was filled with craziness! Many farms and artisans where visited to supply the dinner's bounty. A big thanks to all whose hard work and dedication to produce beautiful local & organic products.
Trickling Springs Creamery
Potomac Vegetable Farm
Blue Ridge Dairy Co
Bonjour La Parisienne
Tudor Hall Farm
Medinas Produce
Westmoreland Berry Farm
Curran Fields Farm
Wilts Fruit Stand
Pennsylvania Dutch Market
Burnt Cabins Grist Mill  
The evening's menu
County pate
assorted crackers
pickled red onions
spicy garlic dill pickles
chow chow
eggplant caviar
sea salt potato chips
hot from the oven homemade biscuits
tomato jam
peach jam
nectarine jam
BBQ peach pulled pork
root beer BBQ chicken
grilled & marinated tomato with feta
arugula & bibb with roasted potatoes, beets, green beans & corn with a balsamic vinaigrette
creamy roasted corn polenta
peach tarts
vanilla ice cream
With the first dinner under are belt we have worked out the glitches and are ready to tackle the next. I'm hoping I can remember to introduce my crew......Ken, Megan, Katie, Cameron, Zoe and Nia. Great job!

Maybe thank Suzanne O'Lucketts for allowing this event to happen!

Oh, and hey Anne, Lisa, Kim, Megan and Dillon for your all support and help.  
Can't forget Nia, who is in the process of uploading a video of the evening, thank you! Cant's forget Lauren for snapping pictures of our guests, merci!
                                         Here are a few pictures from the evening
silly me, just being happy it isn't raining!
                                      our adorable servers for the evening, where's Megan?
                                               The Metz Brothers doing their thing!

                                                  The Lucketts Crew, party animals!

From the bottom of my heart I thank everyone for being a part of the magical evening that we shared together. This is only the beginning of a creative and unique food journey.
Hope to see everyone August 24th!

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