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Friday, August 23, 2013

Lucketts Look for Less

Just cruising around Pinterest today, and checking out all the great lighting and accessories....  We stumbled on a few photos, and thought, "wait, we HAVE that!"

We found some lighting and really pretty photos from decorators and realized some of our items were inspired by these same looks.  We also saw some lighting from higher end decorating stores, and guess what?  We have something similar for less!

Here are a few goodies we found out there {and we have too!}...

This has to be one of my favorite entries.  I love the black and white coastal look.  This image is from Muskoka Living Interiors and features some great anchor hooks.

We got some great anchor hooks in online this month and they're $19 each!  (AVAILABLE HERE)

Back to school time!  Love this oversize map wall paper and the sunburst mirrors in this image I found on Shelterness.

Yup, we have three mirrors online right now in our online store, Shop Lucketts, for sale that range from $24 to $198!  (AVAILABLE HERE)

This cutie came in online Thursday and is $24! (AVAILABLE HERE)

These really beautiful cage lights were clustered together and made in to a light fixture (which sells for $489 here).   So creative with an industrial twist!

We have three styles of very similar pendant lights that sell for $39 each.  Couldn't you just as easily cluster them yourself to make a similar fixture?  (AVAILABLE HERE)

This was a favorite whoa moment today.   Restoration Hardware has a really cool looking metal orb light fixture.  Their 18" x 19" x 21" version is $595  (The larger one in the second picture is $995).

Here is our 20" round metal orb chandelier.  This pic was taken from a past Design House, but we put a few available for sale online.   Oh, and ours is $189.  (AVAILABLE HERE)


  1. Can these lights be purchased at the store, or only online? Thanks!

    1. Sorry--I meant the wire pendant lights for $39.

    2. Yes, Kathleen, we sometimes have them in stock at the store from time to time, but they go quickly when we can get them in. I would call and ask before you come out just for them. All three versions are currently in stock on the online store.

    3. Great, thanks! I will be sure to call before making a trip.


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