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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Who's Who...Meet Kim!

This week, we're taking a peek in to one of our outdoor pavilions and meeting Kim.

True to form, Kim's provided profile was poetic, sweet, & fun. 

So I'll let Kim tell you a little bit about herself...

I love the city
I love the beach 

I love the simple, modern 
style the two of these obsessions create

Come see what I've found each week-furniture, art
mirrors, marine and other salvage, table top, bar and objects

Turn left on the pea gravel path-I'm the second pavilion on the left

Bivalve {Kim}

Meet Kim through a few pictures of her favorite things and items from her pavilion, where her dealer code is GH.  

{Currently Available:  hand blown deco cats. $149 each. GH}

Ha Kim!  I found a real picture of you!
{Kim is on the left}

*  Fun Facts: Kim also works to prepare The Design House for our monthly events.  She can often be found working the Design House events or working to help style Suzanne & Amy's spaces at The Old Lucketts Store.  She makes a mean save the date list of events card for the store each year.  She is a master mixologist and often creates drink recipes for Design House events.  Kim first met Suzanne at The Design House, exasperated and looking a career change.  Their conversation started with Suzanne admiring Kim's purse saying, "Hey, great bag"...and Kim saying "You can have it if you let me work here."   They became fast friends and Kim has been with The Old Lucketts Store & Design House ever since!


  1. i will be sure to visit this weekend!

  2. I have purses, can I work there too? LOL! I'd love to! It's nice to see little bios about the vendors from my favorite shop! Hugs, Leena

    1. I have seen her space and it's great.

      Love the story about how she was hired

  3. There's such awesome stuff in there!

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