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Friday, January 11, 2013

New in the shop and online for this week...

Lots of new goodies in the store and online this week!

Here are a few of our treasures.  A larger lineup and more details can be found on our Fresh Off the Wagon page, or better yet visit The Old Lucketts Store in Leesburg, VA or our online store.

First up, here is an industrial parts display shelf that's super-yummy.   For the right person in the right application (shop display, craft room, etc.), this is going to make someone very happy!  It's available for $198 at the store.

A decorator chair upholstered in Ethan Allen fabric.....yes!  Visit this beauty on the first floor and she's yours for $595.

Jennifer brought a bunch of new urns in.  These have a great size that's perfect for a bookshelf or in smaller vignettes when you need something unique.  They are available on the first floor and the ones on the bottom two steps range from $19-22.

 Ever see a beautiful bookcase and wish we had it in multiples?  Well this week, we have two of these gorgeous light grain wood bookcases.  They're $695 each and you can find them on the first floor in the main room.

Love Anthropologie knobs, but not the prices?  Anne just brought in some great metal flower knobs at $5 each!

You always ask us to give you a heads up when we have dress forms in stock.  Here is something you don't see every day, an "Adjustomate" paper/cardboard dress form.  The form and stand are on the third floor at $145.

Our online lighting collection is growing (pssst.....and they're all under $100)!  Two new gorgeous light fixtures in this week online.  

The first is slightly smaller and reminds me a little bit of a lab beaker. 

Here's the second fixture.  Slightly larger and with more dramatic curves to the shade.

Closeup of the finals at the top to show you the wood's coloring...

Here is the larger one hanging in the shop.

Amy and Suzanne are away this week, hunting for new treasures.  They promise to look for new vignettes that we can have available in BOTH The Design House AND online!  This is new for us for 2013, and we are super-excited to get these new ideas and finds out to you!


  1. Love those light fixtures. You always have such great stuff!

    1. Thanks so much Erika. We can't get enough of them either : )

  2. I love that chair. A thing of beauty.

  3. I dream of coming back to Luckett's...love all the new finds.

  4. I'm half way to an antique myself, can you make me look as good as the terrific items showcased in your shop?


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