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Monday, March 5, 2012

Repurposed favorites

We have all seen our favorite magazines reimagine wine crates into magazine storage, or the use of old gears and architectural pieces as decorative objects. 

But some antique and vintage items can be reimagined to the point that they're art.

The Old Lucketts Store dealers bring in some of the best reimagined and repurposed items around.

Here are a few of our favorite makeovers from the last year.

No reproductions here.  Yes, Jennifer really brought in these awesome light fixtures made from antique phonograph parts.

Pete sells mirrors made from the bottoms of old washtubs.  Someone has some serious tin snip skills!

Robert had a pair of these claw foot planters made from a cast iron tub that was split in half.  
{Built-in drainage hole too!}

A stiff train station bench no longer. Amy and Suzanne had this bench completely rebuilt - the wood was prepped and painted, they added cushions on the seats and chair backs, and upholstered everything with industrial fabric.  A VERY cool and different look!

These antique findings, including keys and watch faces, were fashioned in to a killer necklace.  Ummm, awesome!

Leave us a comment and let us know your favorites!


NEWFLASH!  I just posted 17 new pictures {HERE} to get you pumped for our Spring Market that's coming up May 19th and 20th.

We cannot wait!!!


  1. Kristin W. on FacebookMonday, March 05, 2012

    I love what you did with the train station bench.

  2. Heidi on FacebookMonday, March 05, 2012

    ahhh the latchkey kid memories this necklace brings back : )

  3. Jamie M. on FacebookMonday, March 05, 2012


  4. Love the creative all these people have with antique objects you don't know what to do with. amazing

  5. LOVE the chair (last photo) and the phonograph-horn shades! Great blog ~ I'm a new follower!

    1. Thanks for your comment and for following us Anne!

  6. I just adore the wash tub mirror. I admired it the last time I was in the store and am trying to figure out where I could put it in my house. Just may have to come back and purchase!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Erika - they are beautiful and when I found out they were made from washtubs, I loved them even more!


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