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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Car in a bar?

Our truck is right at home now in a bar in Pittsburgh.
A few weeks ago, we posted a few stories here talking about where our finds end up when they leave the shop.  We had a really nice email from Jill B. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who bought one of our favorites, our GMC truck front end.   

"My husband and I bought the GMC truck front end at the August 2010 Design House weekend. My husband is a car dealer and our bar in the house has a car theme. We had been looking for something to go behind the bar for a long time. We stopped at Lucketts during the May show house purely by accident on our way to Dulles airport. He saw this and loved it. Luckily it was still around by the time we came down in August. He originally intended to hang it in the dealership (we sell GMC trucks) but then we realized it was the perfect piece to hang behind the bar."

Here was that same truck hanging on the side of our barn, where Jill found it.

Thank you Jill for sharing your story! 

If you have an item purchased at The Old Lucketts Store or the Design House and would like to share how you used it, please email us and put "blog" in the subject line.


  1. This bar made the discarded truck bumpers more useful as effective displays. Car aficionados will love this bar because of its rugged yet lively look. The manly effect of the truck grills and bumpers can stir up a rough-and-rumble atmosphere.


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