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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall decoarting with pumpkins

Pumpkin & mums outside The Design House.
What item goes with any decor, comes in a bunch of gorgeous colors, shapes, and sizes,  and you can throw it out guilt-free if you tire of it?

Of course I'm talking about the fall staple - the pumpkin!  Suzanne & Amy love to use unusual pumpkins and gourds around the Design House and The Old Lucketts Store to add color and texture.  With the variety of colors, sizes, and shapes available, you really can find a pumpkin to fit with any style or decor.

Since our shop is located in Loudoun County, Virginia, we have a lot of local farms offering unusual varieties of pumpkins this year.  Check out the pictures below for some favorite varieties.

We encourage you to visit your farmer's markets this fall and pick up some of these beauties, and more importantly, DECORATE with them!

Row 1 (l-r): Jarradale, Orange Smoothie, Sweet Lightening, Galeuse D'eysines (Peanut), Captain Jack.  Row 2 (l-r):  Casper, World of Color, Flat White Boer.      Photos from Siegers Seed Company.

Martha Stewart (or more likely her staff) meticulously arranged these heirloom varieties.


  1. very cool pumpkin pics.I just came across the pumpkin that's in your first picture...so neat! I love pumpkins :)


  2. Rachel - I love that first one, it's my absolute favorite!

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