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Friday, October 7, 2011

Two holidays and lots of new items

Our crow's inspecting what's commonly called a peanut pumpkin.
The holidays have officially begun!  Yesterday we began the mass migration of Halloween items used to decorate The Design House over to The Old Lucketts Store....boy those pumpkins can get heavy.  We're pairing unusual pumpkins with some architectural salvage items and throwing in some mums and spooky spiders for good measure.

It's funny how the fall months creep up so quickly on us and we have to decorate the store a few months in advance so that customers have ample time to shop a particular season.  Although we're doing fall decorations now, exactly four weeks from today (November 4th), we'll be having our Holiday Open House.  There is so much prep involved, actually it takes months to accumulate vintage holiday items.  You can't wait until October to start looking for antique sleds or vintage ice skates to decorate; you need to grab 'em when you see 'em, which could be in April.  So really what I'm trying to say is that we get ready for the Holiday Open House all year round.

As we put away Halloween and get ready for the holidays, we'll post some pictures from our prep on this blog.  Our Holiday Open House is November 4th-6th and we promise to have lots of great things to keep you toasty and accessorize your home for the holidays.  One thing we've already done is gotten our website ready for the holidays.  For pictures from last year's Holiday Open House, please click here to visit our website.


Lots of new items Fresh Off the Wagon this week, including...

(1) awesome kitchen island (MOMO)   (2) red iron door (JAN)   (3) spectacular antique shell / curiosities cabinet (AFS)
(1) great pair of pine doors with green metal work  (PJM)   (2) solid walnut pie safe with punched tin doors (HAR)   (3) pre-1920 concrete capital (RMB)
For more pictures of this week's Fresh Off the Wagon items, please click here to visit our website.


  1. Oh I love these doors!!

    It's all about being ahead of time... I'm all sparkly for christmas already ;)
    How I'd love to come for a visit or even help you out on moving and decorating stuff!

    Much love and fun to all of you at the Lucketts!

  2. I will be visiting with my daughter and friends this weekend.They have told me this place is fantastic! Ronda


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