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Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh where, oh where did my _______ go?

When you work the front counter, you get to hear all kinds of creative ideas and stories about where our finds end up.  For instance, two weekends ago I asked a woman who bought an over sized shutter where she was going to display it.  "I'm covering it in glass and it's going to be the top of the island in my new kitchen," she said.  Ahhhh, genius!  Our customers are so creative!  Little did our dealer Mary Lou know that the piece that caught her eye a few months ago, would be so prominently displayed in a kitchen, loved, used, and talked about for many years to come.  Here are just a few purchases over the past few days and their stories...

A cute couple stopped in over the weekend.  They're getting married in Roanoke, VA in a few weeks and picked out lots of bottles in different sizes to decorate the tables at their reception.  The same day, another woman bought handfuls of chandelier crystals.  The crystals will be attached to tags on a "wish tree" where guests at her daughter's wedding can each sign their name on a tag and write a special wish for the bride and groom.  

A musician stopped in.  He has been redoing his rec room for the last few years.  He picked up these really cool industrial canvas pillows with numbers stitched on them and a giant antique flag.  We've asked him to email us pictures when he's done decorating.  We hope he does!

We had Henry put up some lighted circus letters that spelled out "FUN" over the door.  Minutes later the owners of Cirque du Rouge tattoo parlor in DC walked in and purchased those same letters along with our favorite kudu taxidermy head (now renamed "Kale") for their shop.

We had a dad buy this industrial table to use as a desk for his 8 year old son.  Oh kid, you really have the coolest dad ever!

A couple purchased this claw foot tub.  They're using it as a water trough for their retired Thoroughbred horses.  (They said it's easier to clean!!!???)  Wow, those horses are living large!
If you've decorated your home with an item from The Old Lucketts Store and would like to share your story with us, please email the shop (attention: blog in the subject line).  We would love to feature your items and how you're using them.

Have a wonderful week! 



  1. Sooz... Isn't that just the best? I love hearing what people do with their treasures as well. And sometimes I jump at the chance to deliver a piece so I can see everything in person! Nice blog... Have a great week!

  2. Excellent idea! Love to see what others have done. To paraphrase a favorite song, Free your mind, and the piece will follow..."

    See you all soon ;)

  3. Hi, this is Cynthia from Cirque du Rouge...the H Street DC tattoo shop where the circus letters and kudu (since named "Kale") will reside. We LOVE your shop and we'll be back! Everyone was so helpful and friendly. And we'll be sure to send pictures of all your treasures in our place once we're completely finished with the decor and ready to open. Thanks so much!

  4. Cynthia thanks so much, sounds awesome. If you have any of your shop's contact info., I can add it to our post as well so people can reach you. Best of luck!

  5. I think that is a stamp for a cross stitch embroidery kit? I used to make those when I was a kid, and even still. Pillow cases and dish towels were one way to learn to embroider.


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