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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Design Dilemma - Choosing a Coffee Table

We'll be trying to answer some Design Dilemma questions we frequently receive.  Here's a common one:  "Hi!   I have a new apartment and need to buy a coffee table.  I always take measurements of things I like but I never buy anything.  It seems that there’s a lot out there, and you can use just about anything as a coffee table nowadays.  I like the idea of using something unexpected, but I'm just not clear on how the measurements relate to each other and if the scale & piece would really work in my space.  Please help!  ~ Coffee Table Jitters
Answer:  Dear Jitters,  Coffee tables can be confusing, but they're so much fun!  There are so many different shapes, styles, and finish options out there.  I hate to say this, but most anything goes!  There are a lot of things that can function like a coffee table too, for example industrial carts, an over-sized ottoman, or two small and low tables side by side.  A lot of it does come down to what you like and what inspires you, but there are some standard measurements and formulas you can refer to.  

Here are a few ideas from our Design Notebook. The pictures were taken at The Old Lucketts Store or our Design House and reflect items we try to find and buy up on our travels.  Best of luck!  Your Friends at The Old Lucketts Store.  

More importantly, what vintage items do YOU think would do great double-duty as a unique coffee table?

If you have a question for us or a Design Dilemma that you'd like help solving, please leave a comment to this post and we'll try to feature it in a future blog post.


  1. Well, I have used an old chicken crate, a kitchen table with its legs cut down, then when I tired of that I found an old oak table top, so I placed it on the old kitchen table with short legs, I liked that one best. tons of space on it for junk! 8^)

  2. I used two antique iron urns & had a piece of glass cut as a topper.

  3. the coffee tables look is very unique. but i love coffee table with storage


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