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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Market - Your Questions Answered

The Lucketts Spring Market is fast approaching (umm, like this Saturday and Sunday!). 

I wanted to take a few minutes to summarize a few of the questions we've been asked over email and on Facebook.

What forms of payment are accepted at the Spring Market?  Cash only?  Check?  Charge?
Bring cash.  Some Market vendors may take checks or credit cards, but that is the exception.  Also, here's a good tip ---- hit the ATM before you leave home.  There is an ATM in the gas station across the street from the shop, but with the volume of traffic we are expecting, it may run out of cash, so bring cash with you.  The Lucketts Store itself accepts all forms of payment.

Is there an entrance fee?  What about kids?
Yes, $7 per person, per day.  Children under 12 are free.

What about pets?
If your dog is well behaved around lots of people, yes you may bring him or her.  All we ask is that you please pick up after your pet so other shoppers can enjoy the Market too.

Are you open on Friday for a preview?  Do you open early on Saturday?
No, sorry for both.  The Market is Saturday, May 21st and Sunday, May 22nd 10am - 5pm each day.  The vendors are setting up early on Saturday, and gates will open to the public at 10am.  I'm not even allowed to sneak in early to do some shopping, and I work here : )

I'm coming in from out of town.  Where should I stay?  Where can I get something good to eat?  What else is in the area?
We put a separate post together (click here) with information if you're visiting us from out of town.  We will have food vendors at the market itself, so you don't need to leave the property to grab a bite to eat.

Who will be there?
We profiled a few of our favorites on our blog last week.  Here are some blog posts (with pictures) on some of our favorites.

Where is the Market located?
Set your GPS to 42350 Lucketts Road in Leesburg, Virginia and follow the signs!

Get pumped!  It looks like we're going to have wonderful weather this weekend!
Happy Treasure Hunting!


  1. With all the vendors and customers expected, what about traffic and PARKING ?

  2. Since it's on our property this year (as opposed to the Lucketts Community Center last year), we actually have access to more than 14 acres of fields that we didn't have in the past. So there will be lots of room for field parking.

  3. Good to hear. Thought your property was limited to what's at the store and couldn't imagine ! Visions of huge traffic jams...

  4. Will there be a way to know where a particular vendor is located? I see a few pieces on Miss Mustard Seed's blog that I just *have* to get before anyone else!

  5. Will there be "storage" for some items bought for pick up later on? I know the Store does this, but was wondering if the vendors will do so as well.

  6. I second the storage question! (And the vendor location question too!)

  7. With all of the recent rain, what condition are the fields in? Will I need 4x4 to get into and out of them?! Thanks in advance for the info and I can't wait to get there and do some serious shopping!!

  8. Whimsy - a 4x4 is always a smart choice. Fields aren't super soggy now, but we may get rain tonight and with everyone driving on them over and over, it could get muddy. If you have a 4x4, I would bring it.

  9. Sorry, we don't have a printed map of all vendors to hand out. We may be able to point you to the general area of the really big vendors, but sorry I can't guarantee that every person working the Market could tell you where all 170 are. We'll try our best though!

  10. Since the market is over Sunday at 5pm, you need to pick up your purchases made at the Market by Sunday at 5pm. You can ask a vendor if they can keep the item in their space & marked sold until Sunday if you need to come back, but the property and vendors will clear out Sunday at 5.

  11. So the traffic was backed up for a mile on Route 15 because the cops blocked the right turn lane on to Lucketts Rd because of pedestrian traffic from - where? All the traffic had to turn down that road to get to the parking areas behind your store, so there never were pedestrians there in front of your store.
    Then a lot of people got stuck in the parking field behind the fire station and had to call tow trucks, just like the last time you used that field a few years ago. One thinks you'd learn something. The community center is closed, but all the dry parking back there is still available.
    And to add injury to insult, the Lucketts Store Spring Market is the ONLY antiques show or any kind of weekend trade show I have ever been to that makes customers pay again if they want to come back the next day.
    I guess you really want to hammer home to your customers that your show not worth a two-day visit. I'll remember that next year, and avoid it altogether. I can get the crab cakes on the internet.

  12. I'm looking for a vendor who sold me a lovely chandelier that previously was hanging in her dining room. She was set up close to the swampy area, toward the end of a row near the big cow. She has long dark hair and on Saturday was wearing a navy maxi dress. If anyone knows who this vendor is PLEASE post her contact info!! I am missing a part of the chandelier and paid cash and have NO way of getting in touch with her! PLEASE!

  13. My contact info from the previous post is susan_nester@hotmail.com.

  14. I was one of the vendors at your wonderful show and just wanted to say that you guys did a GREAT job! I cannot imagine the hard work, countless hours, and money that was put into this show! I really appreciate all that was done to put this on and I had such a good time selling and buying!

  15. Alan - The community center grounds were not available to us this year due to construction. We did work with the sherriff's department for months to prepare and help with traffic, hired a separate company to help with parking, and checked the fields daily and roped off areas that couldn't handle the weight of our tractor. That said, we are very sorry that you had that experience and wish you the best.

  16. Susan - I checked with the shop and believe we connected with you already over email and got you your answer. If I'm mistaken, please let me know.

  17. Garden Gate - Thank you so much for the comment. We really have an awesome team here that worked months to get everything in place - with Heather as the queen of it all! I think we'll do another post soon that talks a little more about a behind the scenes look at the cost too - but that's after we a little more time to recover : )

  18. love the couch in the picture....& the x frame chair.....could do wonders with both


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