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Friday, May 6, 2011

Private Preview Party at the Design House

Last night, we had a private party for our April Design House contest winner, Desi Campbell.  Desi and a group of friends were treated to yummy food and drinks and a preview of our May Design House before it opened officially for the weekend (this Friday through Sunday, May 6, 7 & 8th).

Desi is from Lorton, VA and works with her friends at NVR Homes in Fairfax, VA.  It's almost her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DESI!), and she said she's never won anything --- which I don't really believe.  You see, Desi has some sort of luck going and she was meant to win this party.  She entered in our drawing at the April Design House.  Before the weekend was over, Lisa thought it would be a good idea to practice picking a winner before the contest was over (always be prepared!).  She mixed up the entries and pulled Desi's name.  Now Lisa felt comfortable she had enough practice for the real drawing a few days later, which was waaaay more official --- it took place in the car on the way to a buying trip in High Point, NC last month.  All the entries were put in a bird cage, mixed around, and guess what --- Desi's name was pulled again!

The gals arrived last night around 7pm.  After the traditional hellos and a round of Charlie Sheen "winning" jokes, the ladies got down to business.  The Design House was in full swing, candles were lit, the food and drinks were out, and we were ready to get to some serious shopping.

The spread included salmon cakes with capers, crab cakes, baked brie, focaccia (or FO-KAY-SHA bread as Lisa calls it), & roasted veggies.  For desert we had lemon meringue cupcakes and chocolate truffles.  To drink, we had limeade, Sangria, and Suzanne's new favorite, as seen on Oprah, Moscow Mules.

Queen for a day!  Winner Desi Campbell in our Cinderella coach out in the garden.

"The Damage"
Desi and friends found some great scarves, necklaces, an oversized garden pinwheel, and glass accessories, among other things...

Desi and friends enjoying the spread and chatting it up in the Design House.

The Lucketts crew - Kim, Lisa, Amy, Suzanne & Gina enjoying Moscow Mules in the kitchen with our new friends.

"Okay everyone, now do something silly"
A much nicer version of this picture exists, but who can resist a goofy picture with Mother's Day props?

So, all good things must come to an end.  Desi and crew deparated about 8:30 and we were left with lots of empty glasses and some yummy leftovers.  As we cleaned up, the night quickly regressed with another round of Moscow Mules....     .....a quick poll to see if anyone had Twister in their car and was ready to play  ....sharing stories about meeting in the parking lot of our yoga studio and skipping class in favor of a Bob Evans breakfast   .....a reinactment of our last buying trip where we stopped in a bar in Nowhere, VA and belted out karaoke tunes for a couple of barflies and a toothless man in the corner.
What a night.  Congrats Desi!


  1. Are you going to be doing this again?

  2. Who is the author of all these wonderful blog posts? Are you my hero?

  3. Ashley - Yes, we hope to do this again at some point in the future. We'll let you know on the blog before we do something like this again; too much fun to only do once!


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