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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blooming in Lucketts

The shop is in bloom.  We were supposed to get rain today, but it actually held off until late in the day after we closed.

Everyone has been working extra hard to get their spaces ready for the fair next weekend (May 21st & 22nd).  We had loads of mulch delivered last week.  Heather has added a few more tents outside of her pavilion.  Henry and Matt were busy cutting the grass today.  Many of the dealers inside the main shop and pavilions are making extra trips this week to drop off more goodies.  I think what stands out the most for me are the beautiful hanging baskets and garden statues outside. 

Here are some pics from the shop this past weekend.

As you wander outside around the pavilions, you start to get lost in the oversized ferns.

There are pops of color like these gerbera daisies on a red wagon.

There are several types of petunias to choose from including this cheerful shade.

I love this deep purple basket hanging from our pergola.

The shop is blooming inside too.


  1. After lots of "honey can we stop?" drive-bys, I finally got my way Saturday and we stopped in. You have a great selection of garden ornaments, and we'll definitely be back!

  2. I would feel right at home in this charming shop & garden:)
    Have a blessed week!

    Kay Ellen

  3. Dave - glad you finally gave in and stopped in. Hope it was worth and you'll be back soon!

  4. Kay Ellen -
    Thank you, have a wonderful week as well!


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